I created a makeshift stand at a tech conference to generate leads and get customer validation for a new AdTech SaaS Startup.
A screenshot of the landing page for Beep Ads, showing a GIF of how it works, a heading that says 'digital marketing made easy', a logo in the top-left, and buttons below the heading and in the top-right of the navigation bar that say 'sign up.' The colour scheme is red buttons and a white GIF on a space blue background.
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Beep is a B2B AdTech SaaS startup that allows SMEs to launch and manage cross-platform digital marketing campaigns in one place.

I generated demand by simply perching on a stool with a blackboard and a Figma prototype at a tech conference.

This secured a waiting list of customers and conversations with investors.

This goes to show that sometimes, unconventional methods can be an effective part of your B2B lead generation strategy!

A picture of me holding a blackboard at a tech conference for Beep (an AdTech SaaS startup) in order to generate leads.
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